December Special!

To all that want to make that change to a healthier lifestyle call John Ramirez BS, MS, ACSM PT. We will be offering a 10% discount on all training packages if purchased during the month of December 2014. You can also give this as a gift as well either to yourself or a loved one!

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It's that time of the year of holidays and celebration!

From the staff of Acupuncture and Nutrition Clinic we wish you a healthy and happy start to this new coming year!

Whether you are looking for stress management, weight loss, or relieving that chronic aching pain, we are here for you! We have many discounted fitness, acupuncture, and massage packages available to suit your every need!

Don't procrastinate on your health and well being; make a strong commitment to change and we can help you transition smoothly to a healthier life style giving you more focus, balance, and energy.

For I limited time I am offering a FREE 15 minute consultation so please give us a call at 713-721-7755. Please check out our information packed website to see how we can help you today!

George Huang LAc, MAOM

Lifelong Wellness With DoTerra - FREE Event!

Please R.S.V.P by emailing us at or call 713-721-7755 to reserve your spot. We will only have room for 12 people this weekend! If this class fills up we will offer another class in November.
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Meet Our NEW Massage Therapist

Sherita McCollumSherita McCollum is a 10 year veteran of massage. Her areas of specialty include sports/injury massage, along with chronic pain management. She is well versed in multiple modalities of therapeutic massage including Swedish massage, prenatal, deep tissue, myofascial release, NMT and currently working on her Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist credentials to further compliment her area of expertise.

When asked what originally drew her to massage she said it was the allure of alternative medicine, the ability to use nature to prevent and heal the body of disease. Coming from the Midwest there were not many options in the alternative health field so massage therapy school gave her the opportunity to learn how to help individuals find practical relief from pain and discomfort without the use of medications. Sherita sees massage as a way to treat the person as a whole. She says massage brings attention to the body forcing us to be aware of how posture, stress, dehydration, nutrition, etc. all play a factor in our muscle tension.
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About George Huang

Herbology. He has recently joined the Acupuncture and Nutrition Clinic to continue to provide effective, relaxing and personalized healthcare to our patients. George specializes in pain management including pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, back, legs and feet in addition to sports related injuries. He also treats headaches, stress and men’s health issues, and is accomplished in treating symptoms of menopause, menstrual difficulties, digestive problems, depression, anxiety and alcohol and smoking withdrawal.

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I highly recommend the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston for your care with nutrition counseling and acupuncture treatment. I have collaborated with them for over 10 years on the care of mutual patients, and they have demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the treatment of patients with eating disorders.

Rebecca Compton, MEd, LPC

I wish I could just say “THEY ARE THE BEST, THAT’S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.” :) but I understand, everyone has to find their match. I’m so glad I found them. Seriously, I hope you understand the magnitude in which they have touched my life. Thank you for everything. Love you lots.


The Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston respects and combines both the medical field and the world of acupuncture. They use their knowledge plus any other medical opinions to find the right treatment course for you. They are very professional, not pushy, and you feel right at home.

Lucy T.

I initially went to the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston for nutrition counseling. I have had issues with food for 20+ years. Their straight forward, but kind and caring approach helped me to quiet my food demons. They suggested accupuncture to assist with some mild depression, digestion and sleep problems. The office is very comfortable and their tender touch helped to ease my nervousness about the needles! I immediately felt better after each session and noticed a significant change in my sleep and stomach problems. Through both counseling and acupuncture the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston has helped to improve my quality of life.

Katy R.

I have trouble sleeping and have had digestion and stomach issues most of my life. After my very first treatment, I immediately noticed that I was able to sleep through the night and had much less discomfort with my stomach. Not only is the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston extremely knowledgable, but they are extremely kind and patient and works with each of their clients to make sure they are comfortable and are actually seeing results. I would HIGHLY recommend the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston to anyone who has any pain, sleeping issues, stress, digestion issues, etc.

Chris R.

Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston is a wonderful Acupuncturist and a knowlegable Nutritionist. I would recommend them to everyone, however, especially to those who have tried everything else with no positive long term results. I came to them with lower back pains of 7 to 8 (out of 10) and on a lot of pain killers. Through Acupuncture and herbal remedies my pain is 0 to 2 and I no longer use pain killers. I have an eating disorder and they worked with me to create a healthier and more sane food plan.

Martha B

I’ve been to the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston several times for various issues mostly relating to being an older, active ice hockey player. One visit was to address a wrist injury after I put up with pain and not being able to use that wrist for months. Yes, I am the type of guy who will put up with pain and not go directly to the doctor. The wrist really bothered me! As I was on the table being treated and just after the insertion of several acupuncture needles, I was asked to lift my arm and move my wrist around. Miraculously, the wrist was pain free and it has been 100% ever since that visit.

John L.

I went to see the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston for stress and anxiety issues and their treatments really helped me a lot. Not only did it improve my mood, but it also helped me overcome the gastrointestinal symptoms resulting from my stress. If you would like to explore another avenue to health care, I highly recommend acupuncture, and I highly recommend Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston!

Larry H.

Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston are very professional and com passional caregivers. She was always on time and delivered excellent care. The acupuncture and herbal treatments were helpful to me and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the future. They are also very knowledgable about eating disorders and nutrition.

Cindy R.

I have seen the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston for both nutrition and accupuncture. They are excellent at treatment in both areas. They have helped me tremendously with allergies and arm and neck pain, and have been especially adept as a nutrional counsellor. I cannot reccomend her highly enough!

Jacob G.

Extremely helpful in providing physical and emotional relief in times of need. Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston was able to help with several of my pain issues. Highly recommended.

Sam Q.

My husband has had serious issues with allergies. We were referred to the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston by a friend of ours, and boy, they are the best acupuncturist Houston has ever seen!!! After a couple of acupuncture treatments he is been feeling a lot better. If you are looking for acupuncture in Houston don’t look anywhere else!

Sandy F.

Houston Acupuncture and Nutrition Clinic is not only amazing because they relieved my back pain and neck pain, but also because they are a First Class Clinic and provide some of the best acupuncture Houston has ever seen!!

Kirk M.

The attention I received at Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic of Houston is something I’ve expected from other caregivers and never found. I felt they were very present with me, knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend their services.

Fernando J.

If you are looking for the best Acupuncture in Houston – then the Acupuncture and Nutrition Clinic of Houston is the perfect place for you. They are experts when it comes to pain management, as well as stress relief, and even helping individuals with eating disorders. In addition, they are very personable and a real pleasure to be around. The most effective Acupuncture Houston has ever seen!!!

Danny G.

I came to the Acupuncture clinic to accomplish one goal: quitting smoking. I had no idea how easy it would be! I’ve been a smoker for 10 years, and have tried quitting in the past. I have never found it easier to quit (and to stay quit) than I have with Acupuncture and Nutrition Clinic. George and the other staff all have all been incredibly supportive, and I know they’re on my side in helping me get back to what really matters–living a healthy and happy life! I would highly recommend to anyone considering quitting that if you have the desire and want your life back–go to Acupuncture and Nutrition Clinic. You can do it! And Acupuncture and Nutrition can help! Do it!

Roy Brooks