I’m not sure where the time has flown, but the new year is here with hopes that we will be blessed with good health, happiness, prosperity, love and joy. I’ve always told my kids that my wish for them is good health and some old fashioned good luck. Happiness was up to them to figure out since we had given them what they needed as a foundation for happiness (unconditional love and care, formal education, ┬ámoral & religious education, and the need to think beyond ourselves and give back to the world, etc. ) The point being that material things would and could not buy them happiness. Finding that inner sense of peace and ok-ness was their job.

One of the best lessons of Chinese medicine is the focus on balance. When our lives get out of balance our mind and body will give us hints. To what degree we listen to those hints often depends on whether we are connected enough to notice the changes happening and/or if we feel pain in one way or another.

When we are in balance we have free flow of Qi (pronounced chee). As Qi is our life force or energy, we want our Qi to move smoothly and freely. Unobstructed Qi allows us to think, feel, move and experience life more fully. In other words, free flowing Qi can help bring us to a greater sense of balance. Isn’t this just another way of expressing our new years wishes for good health, peace and contentment? Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a wonderful way to promote the free flow of Qi which improves health, physically and emotionally. When we have better health, we indeed have the wherewithall to work on our happiness, to be more productive at work and to express gratitude for our good fortunes in life.

My wish to all my friends, family and patients is to have 2011 be a year of smooth flowing Qi, contentment and joy in your lives.

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