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Panic attacks are remarkably stressful events – arguably one of the most difficult types of anxiety disorders to live with. With panic attacks, you can have sudden, unexpected, and generally unprompted periods of intense anxiety that leads to powerful physical symptoms that can actually mimic heart attacks. Those that suffer from panic attacks can often feel as though they are genuinely about to die, because the severity of the panic attacks themselves can be overwhelming.

Yet of all of the issues with panic attacks, the most problematic for those suffering from them is that thinking about them can actually increase the frequency of your panic attacks. When you think about your panic attacks you start to pay too much attention to your body. You get a little anxious (presumably from worrying about getting a panic attack) and suddenly you experience an increase in heart rate. Because of the amount of attention you were giving your body, the little increase in heart rate feels like something is terribly wrong, and this cascades into the panic attack.

Treating Panic Attack Symptoms

Pharmaceutical panic attack treatments are severely lacking, and that is because the two options available – antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication – cannot cure thought. Meaning, while they can mask the disorder for a while, as soon as you are off the medication it is likely to come back. This is, of course, in addition to all of the side effects of these medications, which includes changes in personality, potential for organ damage, addiction, and fatigue.

Clearly these cannot be the only option, because as an option it’s simply not that beneficial. Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown some promise, but therapy still requires you to think about the disorder and can be prohibitively expensive in today’s economy. It’s questionable how much something that causes you to think about the disorder can treat it as well.

Acupuncture is where you can really get a valuable treatment. That’s because acupuncture taps into what Eastern medicine believes is the primary cause of panic attacks – blood stagnation and excess Qi heat. Acupuncture uses various points to bring your body balance, releasing the excess Qi, reducing stagnation, and allowing your body to respond to threats the way you were meant to respond.

Acupuncture allows the body to go back to where it was meant to be, with less frequent panic attacks (if not eliminated altogether). Those that still do get the occasional panic attack will find it is much less severe. There are no side effects to acupuncture, no personality changes, no fatigue, and nothing that will cause you any undue stress. It’s less expensive than other choices and just as effective, based on thousands of years of Eastern medicine.

Where Will Your Acupuncturist Focus?

There are numerous points that relate to your Qi levels and blood status, and acupuncturists generally try to target not only the areas that cause panic attack, but also areas of stress that can create the experience of panic. Acupuncturists will choose the points that are right for you, but you can expect LV 3, UB 15, LI 4, and HT7 to be some of the most common target points. The rest depend a great deal on the other issues surrounding the panic attacks. You can always discuss these with your acupuncturist before you begin.

Treating Panic Attacks with Acupuncture

Panic and anxiety attacks play an unbelievable role in the way that they reduce your quality of life, and most available and common treatments simply fall short of dealing with the primary problems. The good news is that acupuncture represents a solid option – a side effect free way to rid yourself of panic attacks, return to a normal Qi and blood status level, and overall improve your quality of life.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera had immense panic attacks and cured them using natural (ie, non-pharmaceutical) means. He writes about anxiety and panic at

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