Digestive issues are often a common complaint of my patients along with the desire to lose weight.
My patients ask me how come my metabolism is so slow; “I exercise and I am eating healthier but the weight doesn’t come off.” And in large part this has to do with how healthy your diet is and  how well the digestive system (Stomach/Spleen organs) are functioning. Moreover, many feel pressure and the stress of  change for the start of the new year  to eat healthy and stay slim; for this we need to treat the Liver to improve qi flow and provide calm and focus. Signs of digestive imbalances are bloating, indigestion, acid reflux,  constipation, loose stool, and much more. Patients with these imbalances will have a harder time to lose weight so the priority would be to correct these issues and then gradually focus on weight loss. One safe, natural, and effective way to improve digestive function is with Acupuncture. and Chinese Herbs to strengthen the digestive system while harmonizing the body. Once the your digestive imbalances are resolved we can then start to work on healthy realistic weight reduction goals.